All you need to know about the Kennel Clubs

All you need to know about the Kennel Clubs

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kennel-club-logoThe Kennel clubs are the organizations mainly concerned with dog health, welfare, and training. The primary concern of these groups is to find suitable owners for the dogs and vice versa as well as to ensure that the dogs are trained and that they do not suffer.

There aren’t many Kennel clubs, but the existing organizations have strong ties with another body whose activities are centered on the dogs. A Kennel Club has several objects:

–    The fundamental improvement of the living environment for the dogs, as well as registration of dogs according to their breeds

–    Everything around transfer of the ownership and registration of the dogs including pedigree certificates

–    Keeping the registry of all associations, societies and other similar organizations that work with dogs including breed societies, working trial corporations and so on

–    All work around the shows (providing licenses, awarding the winners, publication of the journals and so on).

The Kennel Club works with everyone, including the buyers, breeders as well as judges for the shows.


tumblr_m3t7g5X9VC1rsyddno1_1280The members of this club want to make every customer happy, and this same goes for the animal as well. If you contact them, then they will find you a suitable puppy which will be a healthy and well-adjusted animal. But even though you found a puppy you want they might advise you against it as every breed has special conditions it needs to be happy. Joining an organization like this is excellent for a breeder as they can find mates for their animals. A breeder must present all health records of the dog, to ensure the perfect state of the dog while it breeds. An unhealthy parent might endanger the health of the puppies, and that is an awful thing.

puppyfarming3Don’t get fooled by an animal agent and buy a puppy from them. There is a sick practice that is called puppy farming. This is done in so-called puppy farms where the dogs are bred only for profit. The health of those animals isn’t the focus, and those poor animals live in poor conditions. The UK is the first country in which there is an active campaign to stop this form of animal abuse.

The Kennel clubs are always on the lookout for new breeders. The pedigree or the purity of the breed isn’t as important as the way the breeder is raising the puppies and caring for the breeding bitches.

AF_spring08_vol34_travel_p10_partypage_IMG_1090-copyThese organizations are also responsible for the appointment of the judges on the shows. But the judge isn’t only there to determine which dog is better; they are there to see what breeds need more attention as other similar things.

Breeding dogs of a high pedigree shouldn’t be done for money; it should be done for the love of the breed and the continuation of the line. Dogs are the best friends of the people, and the kennel clubs are there to ensure that they are happy and well cared for.

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